Guiding Patients to Better Health Care

Delivering content in person to patients and communities

Watch a Preview Video

For a brief two-minute introduction to Guiding Patients to Better Health Care, please view this video:

Do you know anyone who:

  • Is confused or unsure about how to interact in a medical setting?
  • Could benefit from improved communication skills in a medical setting?
  • Is not sure where to go for appropriate medical services?
  • Does not know about patient rights?

Medical consumerism is about helping patients be more empowered and informed customers of health care services.

Course Benefits

  • Recognize cultural norms impacting patients’ behavior, communication, and compliance with treatment plans
  • Develop specific communication strategies to help you better understand patients’ concerns while making them more comfortable sharing information about their health and health-related behaviors
  • Explain the basics of health insurance in a way that patients’ can understand
  • Learn to use interpreters and specially-designed tools to get past language barriers
  • Define strategies for helping patients take responsibility for their health

*Designed For Health Educators

  • Community Health Workers
  • Promotores de Salud

Includes tools to deliver the content in-person to patient or community groups:

  • Instructor's Guide provides the educator with suggestions for presenting the course material, along with suggested activities to reinforce key concepts
  • Presentation that the educator may use to show to groups
  • Handouts for patient reference and appointment preparation

These materials are located in the "Teaching Tools For You" section; the Instructor's Guide and presentation can be found under "Tell Your Story."


  • Available on tablet or computer.